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Lessons from Google

There's a growing trend for companies and organizations to want to be like Google--creative, relaxed, innovative, and immensely successful. There is a lot of good that comes from this type of culture. Silos and turf wars don't often plague this type of organization. There's high morale, often high-productivity, and the products are usually game-changers. But does all of this mean that there is little or no structure? Is there no accountability, measurement, or reporting? 

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Provident Consulting is a Christ-centered company with a vision

to create an environment where our nation’s social,

economic and spiritual need are met by financially sound churches

and community non-profits and not by our government.

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Jennifer “Jenn” Seratt is Owner and Principal of Provident Consulting, formed in 2012 to serve the management needs of nonprofit organizations and churches. Jenn holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master’s in Business Administration from Cumberland University. Early in her professional career, Jenn spent 10 years working with nonprofits and government agencies in the financial, strategic and operations arenas. Meet the Team...